Episode 273

How To Pay What the Seller Is Asking for with Nick Legamaro

Nick Legamaro is “Nick The Note Guy”! Nick has been investing in real estate since 2001. He's done just about everything there is to do in real estate. He even experienced the crash firsthand in 2008 and lived to talk about it!

Nick has bought, fixed, rented, sold, flipped, or been a lender on 1000+ properties.  He has personally looked at over 10,000 deals. Creative Deal Structuring is his superpower.  He has built companies for profit and recently sold one to a 100-year-old Federally Chartered BANK! He has done lots of “HEAVY LIFTING” but in moving forward he has made a HUGE shift!

This is where investing in Performing and NPL Real Estate Notes comes in. With Nick's expertise and technology, he can “control” not “own” millions of dollars of assets nationwide. Now he is ready to show how you too can “Be the Bank” and invest in High Yield, Low Risk, Securitized Real Estate Mortgage Notes.

Here’s why “Investing in Real Estate Notes” fits all of Nick's needs as an investor:
  • He can help deserving families obtain home ownership by offering “financing” when traditional lenders say “No”
  • He can buy at a big discount and create equity, thus minimizing risk for his investor partners, regardless of market conditions
  • Performing Notes generate both cashflow and lump sum cash upon exit
  • He can creatively structure deals; 20+ different exit strategies to choose from allows flexibility for maximum returns
  • He can control 100% of the outcome--He doesn’t have to rely on others’ performance for my bottom line (profit)
  • He can mitigate risk by deploying investor capital in different markets in different asset classes, and geographic markets
  • Notes offer the ability to “control vs own” real estate.  (If it's good enough for Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America its good enough for an investor)
  • The list goes on and on...which is why Nick fell in love with Note Investing!
    When you master the art of Real Estate Note Investing, you control your own destiny, or as Nick likes to say, "Your Wealth Destiny". You can solve more problems, help more people, and make more money doing it! There just isn't anything like it, in his opinion.

    Nick loves to teach and show others how to invest in real estate notes as an alternative to the stock market.  He founded USANotePro.com; an online portal designed for real estate and note investors looking to create, buy or sell mortgage notes secured by residential real estate.

    USANotePro.com features three primary asset classes: Performing loans, Non-performing loans, and Real Estate Owned (REO) properties. Interested and previously vetted buyers can submit qualified offers online through the website. If you would like to be notified when new assets become available, please complete the form at USANotePro.com. The portal allows also allows users to submit notes for sale, obtain cash offers or quotes and manage offers, and complete note sales transactions online.

    We focus on providing our partners with high-yield, low-risk, turn-key real estate investment notes secured with carefully selected residential properties throughout the United States. Our mission is to advance the financial and personal lives of our partners, providing them with hassle-free investment options in non-traditional assets. Mortgage notes investing can offer tremendous upside gain with minimal downsize risk done correctly.

    Their passive real estate notes provide an opportunity for wealth creation when hard-earned cash is sitting idle in a low-interest bank or self-directed retirement account. Their investment clients enjoy worry-free, high yield returns versus the stress of the volatile stock market and low bond market returns. Every month, their investments generate cash flow and income consistently without the headaches of being a landlord. They teach their investors and clients on how to “Be the Bank”.

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